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I met a woman last night who has a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) from Roller Derby accident who said she’s had a dramatic recovery by changing her diet under doctor’s supervision. The Protocol is one used to help folks who have allergies determine it. After 6-8 weeks of VERY restricted foods, you re-introduce one thing at a time.

Anyway, she said that the first few days were awful, full of fatigue, etc. but after a week or so she had amazing energy and THE BRAIN FOG DISAPPEARED! Oh! So I’m going to try this.

I’m sharing this for your information and to discuss with your doctor(s) should you think it’s worth it. I’m going for it! I want my brain back!

Here’s a link to one of the reference sites for the Auto-Immune Protocol (AIP):

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UPDATE: I got through the first 3 1/2 days, and was really doing great! I doubled my energy and lost 5 pounds! Then the headaches started. I’m prone to cluster headaches which come with terrible nausea, so off the diet for two days to control it, now I’m back on it. I think it was withdrawal (although we have had seriously WACKY WEATHER which affects my headaches as well).

Anyway, further research has shown this AIP is similar to the Paleo diet. If you’re interested, I found this book at the library, and it explains the process and gives some recipes to try. The Autoimmune Protocol Made Simple Cookbook: Start Healing Your Body and Reversing Chronic Illness Today with 100 Delicious Recipes by [Sophie Van Tiggelen](

Hope you’re doing alright.


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Here’s an article about the lady who spoke to me about the Auto-Immune Protocol.

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