This was me with my son with adem

This was me with my then 10 year old. most of you know my story and how I had to fight to get an answer why my son was all the sudden he was not able to talk and on the floor with painful seizures and omg just the most horrific things that his body was doing. ALL TOLD ME IT WAS COVERSION DISORDER and had to check him in patient at a mental hospital. we are good, no we are great. so even though I offered some great reading material on how most doctors get this so wrong. I am attaching a video I hope you will watch. this child did not have ADEM, but again this fight can change some ones life. keep the fight till some one listens!!!

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I love this video! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

You are a wonderful momma for fighting :blush: he is so lucky to have you.

Thank you. I read some of your story and I see how you know how frustrating it is. once my son was diagnosed and the lesion was found on his right frontal lobe, I STILL COULDNT get a doctor to help heal his brain. all said that it wasn’t damage and he was doing this for attention…I have been yelled at in hospitals to leave, I have been told to just go home. find a psychiatrist and put him on meds. thankfully the psychiatrist demanded the neurologist be involved or she would NOT medicate a child who HAS a medical issue in the brain. crazy…all of them…crazy