Steroid Taper

Hello all!

I had posted almost one month ago when our ADEM journey started and this group helped tremendously. At that time, I was confused, hopeless, and emotionally a mess. My husband had been transferred to ICU and was getting intubated. After high dose steroids, with little result, the hospital started Plex treatments (plasmapherisis/plasma exchange) and after the third one, my husband started to improve. He is getting discharged from the hospital on Wednesday, walking with a walker/cane but otherwise able to speak, feed himself etc. We are so blessed!

I'm wondering how many of you had a steroid taper following plasma exchange. My husband has not been on a steroid taper, and hasn't seen a neurologist since he was transfered to the rehab floor.

Thanks for any input!

Hi Blerta,
So happy to hear that your husband is recovering.
My daughter is going on the PE after high dose of steroid n IVIG did not work for her.
Today is th forth day of PE…hope that she will be able to respond.
Please do see a neurologist and follow up closely…
My daughter relaspsed after 3 months when the steroid dosage has adjusted to 15mg.