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I am Arbri , i live in Prishtina - Kosovo and i was in bad condition since 10th July 2018 i couldn’t talk , walk eat or drink anything at all , medicine in this country its extremly bad , and the doctors couldnt do nothing but they did something bad that was telling my family that i had MS which was hard to accept but anyway i was lucky to go at fucking Turkey - University Marmara at istanbul where the medicine was way better but nobody spoke good english and it was hard as fuck to know what is happening , but lucky me that we got family members there which did a lot of good things and and i got better with time , they did that plasma therapy to clean my blood and gave me steroids i guess , cuz to this day i’m not sure what they did or what they gave me but that is not so important now that i can eat , drink , talk and walk , but i still got problems with memory and i’m getting nervous way to fast thing that was never in my nature , i was on that shitty medicional diet for one month no salt no sugar , hard to deal with but now its almost over i guess , i used to be an heavy weed smoker tho and i miss it a lot , i dont know if i can smoke just one more time or not , if somebody has info on it feel free to talk to me , but one has to stay calm, relaxed and positive

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Welcome to our community, Arbri
You’ve certainly had a rough road to walk with this thing. Living in a country with poor medical care, you were indeed lucky to be able to go to Turkey for treatment, even if it was very difficult.
It sounds like you are improving. What did you do for work before you were struck with ADEM? What are the prospects for your going back to work?
Seenie from Moderator Support

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Thanks for being here and glad things are improving.

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I did a little of everything , was and i am still a good sales man , worked as a taxi for different hostels with tourists and now i am focused at my college cuz i study for psychology and my focus is to my girlfriend too which prooved herself by staying so close to me and i am deep in love with her , feel so lucky and blessed and probably gonna marry soon enough , but fuck yeah i am stronger than i thought i was man, i kept telling myself first and everyone , i’m gonna be back better, stronger and wiser.
And i like to think i am a man of my word
Thanks for caring btw

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You were hit hard. Coming back to better health is encouraging for you in many ways. Your positive thoughts helped too, I’m sure. When it hit me, I learned that paying attention to what I ate, did mean a lot. Building back up my Immune System through fruit and vegetables. Especially Fruit. The Meds I was given were immunosuppresant. Did nothing but make things worse. I am glad you have moved forward with your health. Sonie

Sonie thank you for ur kind words and hope ur doing better , we are stronger than this shitty disease , we are not allowed to forget that fact .
Be well and stay relaxed dude

Hi Arbri. You certainly have been through a rough patch. So far as the memory is concerned my wife had a major problem. Someone told me about Lions Mane mushrooms, thought it was nonsense till I researched it. so I managed to get it here in South Africa, you possible could try in your country. One word, it works. I can find nothing negative about this natural medicine. It certainly returned my wife to me. even the last scans showed the lesions on her brain were going, amazing. I include a clip that you may find interesting, but a google search will find many.
Best of luck.

Ernest, thank you for sharing your experience with a complementary treatment. While our focus here is primarily conventional medicine, we are always happy when members find something that works for them.

Please, Ernest and everyone, if you try therapies that your doctors have not prescribed or suggested for you (supplements, herbals, etc) always be sure to ask/tell your doctor about it. Even seemingly harmless substances can interact with treatment which your doc has prescribed.

All the best to you

Seenie from ModSupport

PS I am moving this discussion to “Complementary Therapies”