Physical rehabilitation past ADEM

I’m 32 years old and got ADEM post vaccinations 2 years ago and was wondering whether anyone of you or your family members is suffering from physical disabilities. For me is walking/running/jumping now after being completely paralised for few months…
I’m doing everything on my power and slowly getting better but it would help me to hear if someone has a successful rehabilitate story to tell

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Yes I’m very similar. I was completely paralysed after 3 weeks in a coma.
I’m left with physical disabilities. Walking is very bad and laboured. I’m very slow. Can’t run, can’t jump etc etc… that’s all down to the damage of the Myelin Sheaths. It makes us slow.

I’m 36 now and suffered when I was 34. Just over two years ago now.
My mobility has gotten worse since last year.
I now have increased tone in my legs. This makes waking even harder.

I had physio with a NeuroPhysio for about 18 months after coming out of hospital.
Steroids gave me movement back again and feeling. I was numb for many many months.

I have A LOT of problems now.
Balance, short term memory, anxiety, mood swings, overactive bladder, dysfunctional sphincter. I have to catheterise now and can’t urinate naturally.

Many many problems.

Thanks for sharing.

Lou x x