Occasional headaches

Does anyone have headaches occasionally (2-3 times weekly) Not bad enough to take medicine for but enough to nag at you?
Rob N HTown

Hi Rob,

Are these headaches just since your ADEM diagnosis?


Hi Lynn,
Thanks for responding, I actually was diagnosed with GBS and Adult ADEM, so I think im probably getting a little from both ailments. But yes this is after my diagnosis, before occasional headaches rarely bad enough for tylenol.
During my treatment and rehab i had to take tylenol regularly (every 4 hrs) since being home (about 3 months) Im not taking it at all, i really dont take much meds (Multi vitamins and Eliquis for the blood clots i had)
I know you didnt ask for all of that, just a little perspective

Hey, no problem…sounds like you may have multiple issues. As far as the headaches go, have you tried any alternative treatments, eg…acupuncture or chiropractic? I’ve had migraines for 40 odd years and they’ve both helped me without medications.


That’s a thought, I may just check into it!


Let me know how it goes. Take care