New Apps

Discourse (our platform sponsor) has developed an App for both Apple (IOS) and Android devices. Its a great app that you can use for multiple communities as well as look at community activity at a glance You can even opt for push notifications. To get these apps just click on the APPS tab in the middle above.

I can’t seem to find APPS to click on. Can someone help?

I found the APPS on my desktop, but it tells me I’m not allowed to access the APPS. Should it be this way?


Lynn from ADEM

The apps are for mobile devices (phones and tablets) the tab above takes you to the appropriate appstore to down load

I found the apps on my phone and it tells me I’m not allowed to access it. Is that correct?
Lynn from ADEM.

You hit the + sign in the app when you open it, then you enter

You hit enter and it takes you to the app where it gives you the standard permissions screen which you accept. If it’s saying you aren’t allowed access, you may need to sign into the community first.