Medicine question

Do you have experience or information on the medicine Amantadine (also known as Symmetrel)? My rehabilitation doctor advised me this in my issues on sensitivity (noise, visual) and fatigue. He described it as an ‘arousal’ tempering/softening possibility. He also talked about other ms And Parkinson related medicines which have good effects on fatigue. I meditate, have some ‘tools’ in my behaviour with my kids and still feel I can need some help. But medicines were certainly not on my list. So that’s why I would like to hear from you!

To be honest, I am not on any medications, as I personally don't care to be on them. I do use some herbs to quiet down my nervous system when needed. I try and take one day at a time. Yes, I get crazy at times, but I'm more afraid of the drug side effects.

My son has been on Amantadine since he became ill with ADEM, January 2013. The doc called it the "wake up" drug . He started at 10 mg twice a day and is now down to 7.5 mg once a day. It really helps him focus, stay awake and alert and be less fatigued. We have been very happy with this drug for him and he will probably be on this for some time. Many people with brain injuries have to take Amantadine forever. No side effects that I am aware of. For fatigue, please have your iron levels checked. My son had low iron levels for over a year and no one told us. Since we found out, and he has been on iron supplements, we have seen a decrease in his fatigue level.

Well, I was a bit nervous taking medications, but must say that Amantadine really helps me. Like Mary16 says: it’s like waking up! The foggy head, my coordination problems, they are gone during the day. It feels like I am more alert and not that sensitive to movements and noise. I do get tired and dizzy but not that quickly. Although for me it has some side effects: my legs feel heavy and restless and the fatigue comes at once (which is a bit scary). And I remember my (anxious) dreams (which I never could).
I will speak to my rehab doc this friday and will certainly proceed if he’s ok with it.
Maybe it is the combination with meditation, keeping myself to a simple, calm, structured life (with 2 small children still a hard job) and some more tools. I see this medication as a temporary tool (hope so), which now helps me with the extreme fatigue and sensitivity. Mary16: thanks for your extra recomendation to have my iron level checked, I will ask!

Alright Lianne!! You are so welcome . I am glad it is helping so far. Keep up the good work, and keep us posted!!