Does anyone who knows the step of improvement of ADEM


My lovely nephew was in hospital in 31 days.

He was transfered to in patient room for rehab when steroid, plasma exchange and IVIG completed.

What I want to know is how your son, daughter and lovely one have been improved thru what kinds of symptoms in every step while doing rehab.

my nephew is crying almost 4 hours when he starts to cry.

doctor is saying that it is good sign since he is trying to show his emotions.

if anyone who knows step or any improvement process while in a rehab, please give answers. Thank you.

I think it is different for everyone, yoongil, which is perhaps why no one responded. How is your nephew today?


My nephew is in hospital for 6weeks and got a happy news that Brian is swallowing ice and juice thru straw.

It is definitely good news that he is getting better slowly. I hope he will be able to see , talk and move shortly.

I am not sure how much my nephew will be recovered a little bit fast but i believe that he will be back to normal.

Thank you

What good news! Thank you for the update, and I hope he continues to do well.

Hi Yoongil. I agree with Dancermom. While there are similar improvements that people experience, each person is different. Age, state of health at the beginning, amount of damage, etc. I can tell you that my husband's eyesight was one of the first symptoms, and it was one of the best improvements he experienced, but it took about a year. It still isn't great, but compared to everything else it's good.