Bladder and Bowel problems post ADEM infection

Hi all.

I was diagnosed with ADEM since 16 march 2014. Almost 7 months ago. The problems I have now are overactive bladder, bowel problems, numbness from stomach down to my toe (sensory problems), and severe pain in the buttock area. I have not been able to sit since 4 months ago due to that pain.

my question are will I ever have my bladder as normal as before.

Regarding the pain I am having, I have visited many hospitals and surgeons they did not identify any hemorrhoid nor cuts in the anal part. They therefore thing it its a neurological problem and refer me to neurology section. Where can this pain coming from? could nerves make such pain. Another annoying and embarrassing thing is that I now involuntarily pass gas with no control at all.

The good part is that at least I can walk now with my numbed legs. Any one experienced the same symptoms?!

Welcome, I was diagnosed in May 2013. I had that same numbness from the waist down, however mine also went upwards to my chest and down my arms. I lost complete use of my hands and had to learn to us them all over again. I was put into the hospital for 4 and 1/2 days of IV Steroid therapy. With a couple of additional weeks of waiting, the numbness went away. I still have symptoms in my hands, but compared to where I was, I doing considerable well. I am not able to handle stress the way I used to, but I'm working and functionally rather normally. There is hope, you just have to stay calm and be patient. It is much easier said than done...simply take one day at a time and celebrate each and every little improvement.

Keep in touch, you'll get lots of advice on this site.


Hi lynn thanks for sharing your story.

The difference between my story and yours is that I was unable to mobilize at least 1 months then I started to slowly walk with help. Now my walking is ok, however it is not like before. I cannot run like before, it is sad, however, I still have hope that I will get better. Numbness is still there. You said it went away after weeks only which I am amazed to hear, for me it is still there even though I completed 7 months, I hope it will go away soon. I still suffer from pain that i hope it will go away so that at least I can get back to work.

I hope you a full recovery soon.

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In all honesty, I don't think the symptoms in my hands will go away, as I have fine motor issues, but I can do most of what I used to. Sewing is difficult. Were you diagnosed by MRI and were you given steroid IV?

It started gently with both hands being numb. Then followed the feet and 6 months later the bladder, cognitive problems, dizziness etc. Had 2 5iv sessions of solumendrol but…
Then came the pain below the stomach…About a year later I was back in shape. Dizziness never left me but things get better as the system slowly recovers. Each day you may face something new. It usually comes and goes…

Hi BuRashid, I was rereading your message about your bladder from 2014. How are you doing right now? I hope all is well! Lynn