Behavioral issues

My son pinches, bites and pulls hair as a result of ADEM. He cannot talk and cannot see. Any suggestions for these issues.

Is he still on steroids? My son became very aggressive while on the steroids. The aggression has continued since, but not as severely.

No, he's no longer on steroids.

I have just logged onto this site again after a bit of an absence. My granddaughter was 31/2 at the time ADEM attacked. It will be 1 year on December 22. She was 4 weeks in PICU and 5 1/2 weeks in hosp and rehab. She still has many residual deficits. That said, she is making progress, nano steps at a time. Her behavioral issues can be pretty severe. She has taken to trying to bite, kick and scream. Other times she will be playing and break out sobbing. Her walking is improving. She is unstable but is making progress there She was blind for about 3 months but her vision has returned enough for her to pick up her books. Her speech is slow. Her intellect is there, but communication is labored. I have no magic bullet, but I will say the younger the victim, the better chance for recovery. It is a very trying and frustrating time. Everytime there is a fever, we all hold our breath. She has just started with some medication to try and help the behavior so we will see.