Are ADD and ADHD meds safe for ADEM recoverers

I am wondering how many here have kids who have taken ADD/ADHD meds for focus and such after ADEM. My 13 y.o. son is 14 months post diagnosis and is still struggling a lot with staying focused and on task. Docs think this type of medication could be helpful but I am worried about introducing a new med because I don't know if it might trigger ADEM again. Has anyone here used it before?

My 7.5 yr old daughter is 15 mos post ADEM onset and she too has attention, focus and movement issues. We tried several ADD and ADHD meds, but for her they did not work, she experienced more anxiety. Our neuro docs switched her blood pressure meds as THEY cross the brain barrier - we have seen a big difference. She now can return to school, she still doesn't write and has some difficulties with social and safety issues - but with a para professional can manage through a combo gen ed/ESE school day.

Thank you. Is she on blood pressure meds as a result of the ADEM? Do they worry about meds that cross the brain barrier then? I would think ADD and ADHD meds do.

Wait a dang gone mean ADEM contributes to ADD? I was struck with ADEM when I was 16 and then again when I was 19. I got my GED when I was 28 and continued to college (struggling) and didn't get a chance to finish. I am now 42 and I am going to go back to finish college to at least get my associates in Graphic Design. I am NOT giving up. I have been half-asleep all my life because of ADEM and because I am getting older, I had to quit school with a new dx of RA and Fibro. Plus the doctors thought I had Narolepsy because of the sleepiness...that was unfounded. Then it was brought to my attention that it could be Adult ADD. I am taking Amphetamines for the focusing and wakefulness. I am alive again because of this drug.I have yet to be tested for Adult ADD. I ONLY take this drug and I don't take any other drug for anything else. Because of my new dx of RA and Fibro, I am going to a Rhuemy that can help me with the RA. But other than that, I am alive. And I am happy. :)