Anxious mom

Hi there everyone, just feeling a little bit anxious when my 7 year old is telling me he is having a headache, nothing out of this world, he is having a little bit of headache but i cant control myself and everytime he tells me that i fill a hole in my stomach, when do´s the headaches go away??? our next apointment for MRI is in 12 days i cant wait to thay day come!

Headaches!! I hate when my son complains about headaches. Makes me so scared. One thing we have noticed is that due to ADEM and his time in the hospital, my son is incredibly in touch with his body and his ailments. He is quick to say his leg hurts or hand hurts or he has a bad microscopic splinter, and it's easy to ignore those symptoms, but when he says he has a headache we still get nervous. What we have done is ask him to rate pain. Is it a 1 (not really painful) or is it a 10 (this hurts a lot). Another way we calibrate 1-10 is "could you go to the birthday party this afternoon?" "does it hurt too much to go to swim practice?" etc. Most times he is able to alleviate our fears by saying he's "good to go" if a birthday party arises. Perhaps you've tried similar tactics but we've found calibrating the pain has been really helpful. Good luck at the MRI. Ken

Thanks for respondí mg Ken E. I use that scale to but yesterday he was in a lot of pain yo the point we have to get out of the movie theatre, he said both sides of the head hurts like just up from both ears. Is this were your girl complaciendo¿ my doctor from USA told me it shouldnt worry me that much if he dosnt have another symptom. Have great day!

Good to hear the doctors are comfortable with the headaches. Keep us posted on the MRI. Ken

I would also add post- ADEM that our son is also sensitive to loud music and noise (what folks who have had a concussion also experience), so perhaps the movie was too loud or sensory overload for your child, which may have brought on the headache. It might be helpful to make a mental note of what is going on right before the headache comes on (e.g. our son used to complain of headaches frequently in school but the teacher also noticed is was often right before math table time ;)

Jtbettit actually its almost everytime he go´s to school when he is having the headaches and yesterday at the movies it was Jurasic World (SO LOUD) i think that was a triger, thanks God im seeing the doctor in a couple of days and he can answer me everything. He also complains about his left leg sometimes (is where everything was afected, the left side of his entire body) i get so nervous when he complains about something in the left side.

Sandra I know exactly how you feel!!! My son had diplopia after ADEM. The muscles in one of the eyes was weaker than the other so a lot of eye movement triggers the double vision and consecuently headaches. Thanks God he is doing much better. Keep us posted please.

Be sure to check out that link about flooding. He might not know his triggers for a while. It took me a while. When I am cognitively over-stimulated, I get migraines. Before I figured that out, it was really scaret getting brutal headaches suddenly out of nowhere. Sensitive to light, sound, and then blurry vision are all a bit much, and that is a good time to lie down somewhere dark and quiet.

Thank you so much, im more aware now of the things that can cause the headaches, he loves using the ipad but today we have new rules 30 minutes max at morning and 30 minutes at night THATS IT.

I quit using computer/ipad 2h before I try to go to sleep, too.