ADEM treatment

Hello guys my name is Mike, I have been diagnosed with ADEM in 2005 I was in my early 20th I couldn't walk, my muscle were very week but then I recovered not fully. And decided to continue my education graduated in 2009. My memory is really bad specially about places I went and people I met I couldn't remember it at all. My doctor put me in this meds called Copaxone but I stopped I really don`t see any benefit from it. I still have balance issues, I walk but I get tired wobbly or dizzy.easily. I have an issue with my left leg I seem to be dragging it a lot lately. I have a baby girl of two years old I wish I could run and play with her more and more, like I said my left leg is horrible. I`m hoping they come with some Medication to gain the strength again and walk properly as I work in the hospital and sometimes is very noticeable. Today for example it was a difficult day I get very frustrated at times.I want my athletic self back please help if you guys know any medication. Thank you and God bless you all.

Hi Mike

Sorry to hear about all you have gone thru. My son is still recovering from ADEM that started in January 2013. He cannot do anything for himself, including walking, talking eating etc. It is nice to see there may be hope for him to recover. I don't know of any medication to help you, but my son's doctor always stresses the importance of aggressive physical, occupational and speech therapy. Hope you are doing therapy and exercising on your own. Good luck.

Hi Mary,
Thanks a lot I’mso sorry about your son it is very unfortunate I donno what to say. As for me yeah I exercise work regularly and try to lead my life on every day basis. May God bless your son and all the family abundantly I hope one day we will finda cure. Good Luch to your son.