ADEM and corticosteroids

I was diagnosed in 2013 and was treated with 3500 mg. of corticosteroids in 4 1/2 dates. Now, I understand that was what was needed, but now I am wondering if what I thought was all ADEM residuals, is not partially caused by the steroids. I can not find any studies on large amount of steroids in a short period of time. All I could find was long term usage of small amounts, such as 45 mg. for a year. Hmmmmmm? Any thoughts anybody?

Hey Lynn,
It seems high dose corticosteroids are commonly used as a front line for ADEM. Upon having a bit of a search I found this: Characteristics of Adverse Effects When Using High Dose Short Term Steroid Regimen - PMC (

It speaks of exactly your query of “large amount of steroids in a short period of time” although I have noticed a fair portion of the document is regarding % of people having certain effects, but I hope it helps.

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Thanks Merl,
This is the same research article I found. We recently found out my cataracts are a side effect of the steroids due to my ADEM. Apparently, the steroids, as it was described to me, causes the body to age faster. Isn’t that fun! Some of the side effects in that article do pertain to me. I have not found any other articles. I simply thought that all my residuals were from ADEM and now my brain gets to spin again.

Hey Lynn,

And I think, like many medications, we have to weigh up the pro’s and con’s of using it for ourselves.

My wife has been recommended for some new osteoporosis drug. The con’s are she has to have all of her teeth removed PRIOR to it’s use, on weighing it all up she’s decided against using it. She says she’ll reassess if the need arises and that’s her choice, she has to do what she is comfortable with and no teeth is a bridge too far for her.

Best of luck with it all.
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