TIA/ mini stroke like moment

Hi I had a TIA/ mini stroke like moment a few days into my steroids. I sat down to eat some food and couldn't work out how to use my knife and fork, I ended up with the knife and fork in the wrong hands and was baffled. So I looked at mum and how she was holding hers and then I copied her, then it came back to me. Really weird, just all part of it I guess. Wondered if anyone else had anything similar? thanks

Hi. I had a mini stroke back in december. Well my actual dockr never said the word stroke to me but his residents did. I was putting my make up on one day and my whole right side when numb. It started at my foot and went all the way up to my face and ended the same way. Only lasted for about a minute. I happened twice. They saw a bleed in my brain and thats what caused it. However i could still move my hand and leg and i could smile. Normally when you have a stroke you cant smile, lift your hands etc.