Please! Can someone help me!I need help for my sister

Hello my name is Juli.My sister has Adem from June 2014 was severe condition and put her on artificial respiration for a few days and then she not awakened around week maybe.After that she opened her eyes but all she did was move hers eyes and crying. (he could not speak).But from June 2015 regained speech .In the moment currently can not walk,she is in a wheelchair, soon we take her at home but she has a lot of problems with memory.No memories everything is very complicated . She have one daughter two years old and it does not remember that she was born (It's been almost two years since she got ADEM do you think it might has recovered memory is there anyone who has or had serious problems with memory and ability to remember and how has recovered.She Is 29 How can I help her?


Sorry about the English!!

Juliana, your sister's situation is very sad, with her having been in the hospital so long, and having a young child at home. It is hard to say what you can do to help her, because peoples' homes and health care is very different in Bulgaria to the way it is in North America.

My advice would be to spend time with her, to have routines, to read to her or or try to play simple games. But the others here are much more more experience than I am in these matters.

I hope that you get some better replies than this soon. Your sister is very lucky to have you!

Seenie from Moderator Support

What kind of ideas for help are you thinking of, Juliana?

  • How to set things up at home -- furniture, bathing, etc?
  • Activities to help her recover?
  • Professionals in your community to ask for advice?
  • Daily routines?

I'm sure people here will have good suggestions, but we need to know what you need help with.


Hello I could not answer because my sister already moved at home. Yes it is really like a little kid now. She was aggressive when I bathe her and change her pad..At home we visited rehabilitation.She sаid that Time spent in hospital is lost time for her because nobody is rehabilitated her.Now we start everything at home rehabilitation,shows photos,music listening,simply games playng, nice and naturals food only fruits and vegetables.Please if anyone has any ideas for recovery and let them share with meл I will try everything to do her recovering.

sorry for my English!!!!

From what I have read exercise is important and reading. The neurologist believes reading is very important for the brain to make reconnections. Because my son has such a low attention span we read the songs on u tube videos. We search under lyrics of songs. We manage to get through one song only then his attention span wanes. Building puzzles, drawing, playing games, listening to music, all helps to stimulate the brain.