Hot Weather/Sun an issue?

Does anyone else have an issue with hot weather or sunshine? I find I fatigue rather easily if the weather is hot or I am in direct sunshine too long.

Yes, my man sure does. He cannot hardly stand to be out in the heat, or humidity and the bright sun will just about make him pass out.

Hi gpg313, my name is Lynn and I too find that the sun and heat affect me more than they used to. I simply have learned to recognize when I'm beginning to feel bad, load up on water and take a break.


ADEM has affected my son’s sight. He’s on Topomax for seizures. He doesn’t sweat b/c of Topomax and the sun affects his retinas, which makes it very difficult for him to see.

Struggling this week; spent a full week decorating and gardening whilst 25-30 degrees C outside - was panicking but after reading this feeling calmer!

I have not been diagnosed with ADEM yet. But yes, I have problems with the sun and heat and humidity. The other day I was trying to plant garlic. It was in the 40s and cloudy when I started. I was feeling remarkedly good that morning. Then sun came out and the temperature rose to 65 degrees. It was like someone drained my bateries. My eyesight was bothered by the sun too. In fact the brown grass blades and any other pants in that golden brown color range turned brigh red to me and the migrating pains began. On hot days, so far has caused me the most symptoms. But every day is a new experience and things are constantly changing. But that is only my experience to date.